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As a passionate football enthusiast, I was over the moon when I got the opportunity to contribute to coding the software that manages the scoring data for the Barclays Premier League Trophy Tour. This role allowed me to attend every game, while also being compensated for developing web content that would be displayed on the website and broadcasted nationwide on TV. Although I support Manchester City and West Ham, just being part of the event was thrilling for me. From a technical perspective, I joined the project early enough to implement significant improvements in the software responsible for recording and managing team performance data. The primary challenge was the outdated use of Microsoft Access for data management, a legacy application that is no longer supported. We urgently needed a modern replacement to integrate with the advanced tools we intended to use. Initially, this seemed like a daunting task, but after consulting with a contact experienced in custom software solutions, we devised an ideal solution. The project was a tremendous success, and I have been invited back for several more related projects next year. I couldn't be happier. Not only do I get to watch the games from some of the best seats, but I also take pride in knowing that my contributions have played a part in the success of these events. It's the best of both worlds! Jonathan Taylor


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It is one of the most watched sporting events leagues, but officials of the English Premier League hope to extend competition football with a tour that will give fans the chance to experience closely.

The official trophy will be the center of an interactive exhibit that will also visit Dubai, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia in late April.

The tour will then head to Hong Kong during the pre - season Barclays Asia Trophy in late July, and in 2012 and 2013 will visit China , Southeast Asia, the United States , India and South Africa.

The Premier League, sponsored by the banking group Barclays , transmits 380 games each season to 580 million households in more than 200 countries.

"We are excited about joining with our partners long time, Barclays, the project launched our first official trophy tour for fans around the world," said chief executive Richard Scudamore Premier League.

"We want to show what is the heart of our competition : the trophy itself, since it is so every player and coach competes to get their hands on ; the fantastic football played by our 20 clubs , because that excites hundreds of millions every week, and the history and tradition of English football, as it helps create the huge interest in the competition. "

The exhibition will be hosted in four domes that presented the profiles of the 20 clubs: will simulate the experience of a game day, they will show the trophy and will allow fans holding photos taken against a green screen.

The half - hour tour is free, but admission must be booked through their official website .

The tour will begin in the Cornice of Abu Dhabi from March 18 to 20, then at the Residence Jumeirah Beach in Dubai from 1 to 3 April at Doha from 16 to 18 April in Riyadh from 28 to 30 April.

"Global interest in the Barclays Premier League has never been higher, with demand for this type of additional experience coming from fans right across the globe. Nothing beats a live match, but the kind of unique content that is going into the Barclays Premier League Trophy Tour will make a compelling attraction for fans of all 20 clubs as well as projecting a positive image of Britain abroad."

Barclays and the Premier League bring you a fun-packed 30 minute Barclays Premier League interactive experience. Throughout the incredible journey you will be given the chance to learn about what makes it the most watched league in the world - the greatest moments, managers, players, goals and saves - experience the thrilling atmosphere of a live match, get up close to the official Barclays Premier League Trophy and take away an exclusive personalised souvenir as a lasting memory of your day.

Don't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime experience! The event is free, with a limited number of places available each day, however, booking in advance will secure a place for you and up to three friends.


What is The Barclays Premier League Trophy Tour?

A 30 minute interactive experience that brings the Barclays Premier League to fans across the world. Throughout the journey, you will be given the chance to learn about what makes the Barclays Premier League the most watched league in the world - the greatest moments, managers, players, goals and saves, experience the atmosphere of a live match, get up close to the official Barclays Premier League Trophy and take away a personalised souvenir as a lasting memory of your day.

Where is The Barclays Premier League Trophy Tour going?

The Tour is visiting a number of locations over the next three years. Many of the locations and dates of the tour have been confirmed, but new dates may be added. Please click here to view the latest locations

Why is The Barclays Premier League doing this?

The Barclays Premier League is the most watched league in the world, with millions of fans in over 200 countries. Premier League and Barclays want to reward their loyal international fans through this unique and free experience.

What times will it be open?

Opening times will vary for each event, so please click here to find out the details for the event nearest you

How much will it cost?

The experience is completely free to all visitors. Spaces are limited, so to avoid disappointment book a place in advance.

Do I need to book in advance?

There will be a limited number of places available on the day of the event, however booking in advance will guarantee a place for you and up to three friends

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More Background On The Premier League Trophy Tour

The Barclays Premier League Trophy Tour is a fascinating journey that celebrates the rich history, passionate fanbase, and global reach of English football's top tier. Launched to mark the Premier League's significant milestones, such as its 30th anniversary, the tour offers fans around the world a unique opportunity to connect with the league's heritage and excitement.

The tour is not just about showcasing the gleaming Premier League Trophy; it's an immersive experience that includes interactive zones like The Changing Room, The Centre Circle, The Trophy Room, and Becoming the Third Lion. Fans can test their football skills against those of professional players, experience the electrifying atmosphere of match days, learn about the trophy's history, and even take a personalized photo with the trophy using green screen technology​​.

Beyond its entertainment value, the tour serves as a platform for the Premier League to demonstrate its commitment to community and fan engagement. It highlights the league's financial contributions towards improving local football facilities, supporting fan projects, and promoting women's and girls' football. These initiatives include a £5 million investment into the Premier League Fans' Fund and an additional £13.5 million into the Football Foundation for creating small-sided pitches​​.

Barclays, a long-standing partner of the Premier League since the 2001/02 season, plays a crucial role in the tour, leveraging its association to create memorable moments for fans and drive engagement with the sport. The bank's efforts to make football more accessible and rewarding for fans underscore the shared objectives of Barclays and the Premier League to foster a deep connection with the global football community​​.

The Premier League itself, founded in 1992, has grown to become the most-watched sports league globally, broadcast in 212 territories to an audience of 4.7 billion people. It operates on a system of promotion and relegation with the English Football League and is known for its competitive nature and high-quality football. The league's history is dotted with remarkable achievements, such as Manchester City's record 100 points in a season and Alan Shearer's all-time goal-scoring record​​.

For fans looking to experience the magic of the Premier League up close, the Trophy Tour is an unparalleled opportunity to celebrate the sport's global appeal and the league's impact both on and off the pitch.


The Barclays Premier League Trophy Tour, commemorating the Premier League's 30th anniversary, has made a significant impact worldwide, celebrated for its deep connection with communities and the unprecedented financial support it provides. The tour has been a platform for announcing new financial commitments benefiting fans and communities, including increased investment in the Premier League Fans' Fund and the Football Foundation. It has also been an opportunity to highlight new Premier League investments in women’s and girls' football. This initiative underlines the league's commitment to developing the game and providing opportunities for people of all ages​​.

The tour's global reach is evident from its reception in different countries. For instance, in Kenya, the presence of the Premier League Trophy, symbolizing football excellence, was highlighted by President Ruto. The tour was seen as a catalyst for positive change, emphasizing the commercial potential of professional football to inspire talents and positively impact communities. The Premier League's influence in Kenya has been significant, showcasing the league's global appeal and the inspiration it provides to aspiring footballers​​.

In India, Manchester City's treble trophy tour further exemplifies the Premier League's global popularity. Displaying the Premier League trophy, the FA Cup, UEFA Champions League trophy, and UEFA Super Cup in Kochi before moving to Mumbai, the tour celebrated Manchester City's historic treble win. This event brought the excitement of English football closer to Indian fans, demonstrating the Premier League's widespread fanbase and its clubs' success on the global stage​​.

The Premier League Trophy Tour has thus been a celebration of the league's global impact, its community engagement efforts, and the universal love for football. It not only brings fans closer to the coveted trophies but also celebrates the sport's power to inspire and unite people across different continents.

Cultural Significance

The Barclays Premier League Trophy Tour holds significant cultural importance, serving as a symbol of global unity, community engagement, and the universal appeal of football. By traveling across different continents, the tour brings the excitement and heritage of the Premier League to fans worldwide, fostering a sense of belonging and shared passion among diverse audiences.

The tour's visits to various countries not only celebrate the sport's competitive spirit but also highlight the Premier League's commitment to social responsibility and community development. Through its focus on local clubs, fan engagement, and investment in grassroots football, the tour underscores the league's role in positively impacting communities far beyond the UK's borders. It offers fans a rare opportunity to engage with the league's history and achievements, reinforcing the cultural connection people have with football as a source of inspiration, joy, and community pride.

In places like Kenya and India, the tour's reception illustrates football's power to inspire and engage. In Kenya, the tour was embraced by the community and recognized by the President for its potential to drive positive change, highlighting the sport's role in empowering youth and communities​​.

In India, Manchester City's treble trophy tour showcased the league's ability to captivate fans and celebrate footballing excellence on a global scale, demonstrating the deep cultural resonance of the sport​​.

The Barclays Premier League Trophy Tour, therefore, transcends mere sporting achievement, embodying the cultural significance of football as a global phenomenon that unites people across different cultures, languages, and backgrounds. It celebrates the sport's role in shaping identities, fostering community connections, and promoting a shared passion that resonates with fans around the world.


The Premier League Trophy Tour is a testament to the cultural and social impact of football, bridging communities and celebrating the sport's heritage. Coinciding with the Premier League's 30th anniversary, this tour aimed to share the league's history, achievements, and contributions beyond the pitch. It traveled through England and Wales, visiting clubs that have benefitted from Premier League investments, highlighting the league's role in local communities and the development of football at all levels​​.

The tour not only focused on showcasing the Premier League Trophy but also emphasized the league's commitment to social causes and community development. Significant financial commitments were announced, including increased investments in the Premier League Fans' Fund and the Football Foundation, aiming to support fan engagement and create small-sided pitches in communities. Moreover, it underscored the league's investment in women’s and girls' football, including the initiation of Emerging Talent Centres​​.

The history of the Premier League Trophy itself reflects the league's prestige and significance. Designed by Royal Jewellers Garrard & Co/Asprey of London, the trophy is made of solid sterling silver and gilt, with a malachite plinth base representing the green of the football field. The trophy's design incorporates the heraldry of Three Lions, symbolizing English football's rich tradition. Remarkably, there are two versions of the trophy: one held by the reigning champions and a spare replica to ensure the award can be presented promptly at season's end. In special cases, like Arsenal's unbeaten season in 2003-04, unique versions of the trophy have been commissioned​​.

This tour and the stories behind the trophy encapsulate the essence of the Premier League's journey over the past three decades. It highlights the league's global influence, its commitment to community and youth development, and its role in promoting football as more than just a game. The Premier League continues to leave a lasting legacy, not just through unforgettable matches and exceptional talent but through its profound impact on communities and the sport's global culture.